Being Real

My friends think they know me. They think my house is perfectly clean and organized all the time. Wait, bwhahahahahahah. I have four boys & a husband who works many hours. I homeschool my children so they are here ALL. DAY. LONG. I recently read a title of a blog, “The Most Organized Woman on the Internet”. My heart goes out to her. To have that label placed on her & the pressure. I have felt it. People think because you know how to organize an area & your home looks perfectly clean & organized when they come to visit that you have it all together.

Organizing is a continual job, as with cleaning. The moment you get up you are making a decision to clean as your day goes or make a mess now & clean later. That ultimately is the choice that you are making. If we clean as we go we have less to clean at the end of the day. This is sometimes difficult when there are many distractions.

You are heading to the laundry room to fold the towels in the dryer when the little one spills a glass of juice. You stop to clean up the juice and you see the reminder on the refrigerator to call the dentist to reschedule the appointment you cancelled when your car was in the shop last week. While you are on the phone you realize you forgot to take the chicken out the freezer for supper that night. It’s too late now so you need to figure out what is for dinner quickly because you are going to be at the gym by 5 o’clock. Nothing is going to stop you from giving up your child care for an hour or two even if you are running your guts out on the treadmill. You finish schoolwork, cook dinner, clean the kitchen & off to the gym you go. Yippeeee! You made it. You feel like you have conquered the day. You come home & take a wonderful hot shower then realize you forgot to hang a towel out for yourself. You call out to one of your children that you need a towel. Only to realize that someone forgot to turn on the dryer & all your towels that you were originally going to fold are still wet.

Does this sound familiar? It should make you smile. It’s called LIFE. Be thankful for it. You never know what a day will bring.

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