Pallet Project - My Beach Boys

          Oh, how we LOVE the beach! It is the time of the year we can get away from everything & spend quality time together. Wonderful memories have been captured each year, but these two pictures are my favorite. 

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      I wanted the pictures together, but not in a typical frame. I love the look of old wood and a dear friend had given me some pallets. It's fun when you are working with something that is free. If you mess it up, it's no big deal. I have plenty of OOPS paint that I have picked up over the years. SO the project was FREE! Love FREE!

        The hardest part was taking the pallet apart. I put it back together, lining up the pieces of wood closer together. Painted it white, and applied a coat of polyurethane to give it a more finished look.

Large glass jar from Restoration Hardware.  
Shells from Navarre Beach, Florida.

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