Trash to Treasure ~ Nightstands

                               before                                                       after 

1. I removed the base to soften the piece. 

2. Cleaned the piece thoroughly using Lysol & Goo-Gone.

3. Using a cabinet roller & small brush, I painted two coats of Valspar Interior Latex Multi-Purpose Primer. 
4. Painted the entire table again using VALSPAR Semi-gloss Honeysuckle Bloom from Lowes. 

5. I also painted the unfinished legs. You can buy these & the leg brackets at your home improvement store.
6. Now for the fun part. The electric sander! I sanded the entire table, then sanded down to the original stain in places where it would naturally be distressed. 

7. The legs were unfinished wood so they didn't have the dark wood to reveal underneath. I added dark stain to the sanded places on the legs with Folk Art Stains in Mahogany. You can find it at your local craft store for about $2. 
8. I applied two coats of MINIWAX-Fast-Drying Polyurethane-Superior Durablity-Clear Satin to give it a finished look. 

9. Changed the drawer pull. Fold them at Lowes on clearance, so I picked up a few of them for projects in the future. 

Now to paint the other table & decorate the room.
Wood floors to begin with...HEY PAUL!!!


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