$ave $250 ~ Eat Out of the Cupboard

About every six weeks we have what I call an 

This is the week that I plan my meals with ingredients that I already have. A little grocery shopping will still need to be done, but you will only buy just what you need to get through the week.

1)      List all the meals that you planned and bought for, but did not prepare for one reason or another.
Look over your Meal Planner Calendar, go through & list those meals on your Eat Out of the Cupboard List.

2)      List the meals that you only need to purchase just one item for after shopping your pantry.
There will be some meals that you have everything that you need except for one item. Add that item to your grocery list.

3      Make up a new recipe.
Warn your family before doing this. We have had “Chicken Surprise” many times. What is Chicken Surprise, you ask. It’s a meal that Mom prepared without a recipe. Many have turned out to be real winners. Chicken Noodle Soup was one of them. 
If you do not want to come up with recipes on your own go to Supercook or Recipe.com.

If you have chicken, cook it all & use a little less in some of your recipes. Maybe two casseroles, chicken salad sandwiches on plain bread.

If you have ground beef, make burritos with less meat and more refried beans. (vegetarian is best & you can’t even tell the difference)

If you have turkey sausage, slice & cook and add to pasta. Make up a new recipe for the sauce.

Tuna! Mix it with rice. My husband loves this. 
Make a Tuna Noodle Casserole. After baking, add potato chips to the top of it. This is what they do in Australia. I still eat it this way.

How about a meatless meal. There are so many recipes for meatless dishes online. Pasta with broccoli & cheese. Pasta & spaghetti sauce sprinkled with monterey jack or parmesean cheese. 

Egg dishes, otherwise known as Quiche.
Three-Cheese Pie Tomato & Sweet Basil is a wonderful easy recipe & you probably have most of the ingredients.

This is a great way to save right before you go on vacation. You don’t want to leave much in the fridge or freezer when you are gone for a week or two anyway. 

Remember, only buy what is on the list for that week. You may see some great deals on other items, but try to refrain from spending that extra money.

$250 every six weeks is almost $2,200 a year.

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