Keeping Chickens


One ugly shed.

Paint: $18.99 -  $5.00 Ace Coupon.

Did you know that Ace Hardware excepts expired coupons? 
Doesn't matter how old they are, they except them.



Old cabinets from our remodeled laundry room.

Chicken Condo

10 little chicks
6 Rhode Island Red Pullets,

2 Americauna Pullets
2 Ameraucana Cockerels.
Asher meets the chicks.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

The "barn" is almost complete.
10 little chickens. 

Six months later.
May 2012

Rhode Island Red Pullet

fall 2012

We have had so much fun raising our little chicken family. The chickens began laying in July. We have green & brown eggs.

In July we ordered 17 more chicks from 
Cackle Hatchery.
They gave us an extra one just in case one didn't make the trip. 

Now we have, 
11 Comet Pullets
11 Rhode Island Reds Pullets
2 Ameraucana Pullets
1 Comet Cockerel
1 Rhode Island Red Cockerel
2 Americauna Roosters
TOTAL : 28

We plan to breed & raise the chickens until they begin to lay. We will sell them to others that want to join in on the FUN! 

This past week one of our Ameraucana chickens laid this egg. My husband doesn't think it says anything, but I clearly see the word GRR. What do you think?

May sound funny, but I have learned from my chickens. Lay one egg at a time. If you have too much going on, or too many distractions in your life, you will crack. Live life carefully & purposefully or you may be saying GRR all the time. May I be a wife, mother, sister & friend who does not grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Happy fall ya'll. 
Crazy, the Ameraucana Rooster.
october 2012
Home Sweet Home Eggs
And this is why we call her BIG MAMMA.

Egg on the left is an Ameraucana egg.
Egg on the right is a Rhode Island Red egg.
february 2013
Home Sweet Home EGGS
Comet Rooster
Comet Chicken

winter 2014

Cluck, cluck.

Raising chickens has been a great learning experience for me & my family. At one time we had 35 chickens, with several in the incubator getting ready to hatch & enough POOP to fertilize all of Tennessee. (maybe a slight exaggeration) 

I was enjoying the clucking of the chickens,  the crowing of the roosters & plenty of eggs to eat & share.
But, the romance is over.
Too much poop.
Too much work.
And after seeing a chicken hatch, I no longer want to eat an egg.

So, I advertised a BOGO (buy one, get one) sale on Facebook. I loaded 16 chickens in Rubbermaid containers, drilled large holes in the lids then put them into my CRV. My son delivered the chickens. We only have four chickens & Roy the rooster left. This is the amount that I would recommend if you are planning on raising chickens. 

We have no regrets. It has been fun.
If you are thinking about raising chickens to save money on eggs, please know that you won't. 

We now have a cat. Her name is Gloria. 

And now here we are in the month of May. 

The year is 2014.

Squeakers was brooding & gave us 6 more chicks.
 I just decided it was time to be totally poop free.

Got rid of all the chickens.
Went to the beach for a whole week.
While we were gone we heard that it rained all week long.
The rain washed away all the poop.


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