HARK, I Forgot the Sour Cream!

My husband loves Mexican food, especially tacos. Chicken was on the menu Thursday night, but the craving for Mexican food changed our plans. I ran into the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for our meal. I remembered the onion, Paul loves onion. I remembered the tomatoes, Paul loves tomatoes. I grabbed the Four Cheese mix. We had lettuce in the fridge. Paul loves sour cream.....
I arrived home & started cooking. While chopping the onion I realized --- I had forgotten the sour cream! You cannot have a taco or soft tortilla without sour cream. It’s the end of the world as we know it! 
Paul was outside working on the chicken coop. (You will hear about that later.)  So, I thought, I can fool him. I placed an 8oz block of cream cheese into the mixer, mixing it until it was creamy. I added about ¾ cup milk, blended a few minutes, now the texture was right. As you know cream cheese isn’t sour. Lemon juice is sour. I added a tablespoon of lemon juice & wah-lah! It was better than sour cream! I let him eat a few tacos before I told him. He told me I needed to share this on my blog.  :)

If you are wondering if my husband is spoiled. Yes, he is.

Happy Valentines Day! 

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