Smile, Your Husband Can't Hear You

As I was driving home from the gym a few weeks ago, I was listening to the radio. I always enjoyed listening to the John Tesh program, he shares a lot of information that I already know. This does a lot for my self esteem, unlike watching the game show Jeopardy.

He shares health tips & asks a lot of “Did you know?” type questions. This particular evening his guest was a psychologist, possibly specializing in marriage. He was excited to share the results of yet another study.

He stated that when a woman speaks to her husband with a scowl, (n) an angry or bad-tempered expression, that he can no longer hear. Yes, read that again. He cannot hear. The results of the study showed that something in the male brain just shuts down, leaving them completely deaf.

Men have been told that they only use the right side of their brain, & now they have to deal with deafness if their wife dosen’t talk to them in a sweet voice. Really? Seriously? Sounds like an awesome excuse for not taking out the trash.

I came home & told my husband this ridiculous finding & asked if he could believe it. “Seriously?”, I asked him, “Can you believe this?”

He responded by telling me that he could not hear me because I had my eyebrows all scrunched up and a terrible look on my face.

He won that one.

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