An Easy Plan to Conquer Your Home

We have been in our home for ten years now. This is a long time for us. We married at eighteen and moved into a little apartment in Virginia while my husband served in the Air Force. The military soon moved us to England. We moved three times while in England due to the closing of bases. 

After four years in the Air Force we moved home to Tennessee. Since 1994 we have moved four more times. Through all the moves it made it easy to keep the house free of unneeded stuff.

My views of storage have changed over the years. A few years ago, I would go to the store and buy at least six storage containers before I began to organize my home. I have decided that those plastic containers are not the smartest idea. Most of what we keep in those containers is either stuff we don't need or stuff that we are never going to really get around to actually using.


We buy more things to organize things that we have so we can buy more things to organize.

I am purging one room at a time, beginning with the Master Bedroom. Every drawer, the closet, under the bed & the bathroom cabinet. The second room I am going to tackle is the Laundry Room/Office/Craft Room. 

My goal is to purge in order to find extra storage space instead of buying storage containers to put in the garage.

I am ready to decorate for SPRING! I am not allowing myself to do this until the house is completely purged. Yes, I am grounded until I clean my house.

We have 20 days until the first day of SPRING. 

Every seven days choose three rooms in your home to purge. Make sure to balance the level of work per each group of rooms. Some rooms will not need as much time to go through.

Make a list of all your rooms in the order you want to complete. 

Here is my order of attack.

    Master Bedroom
    Master Bathroom 
    Laundry Room/Office/Craft Room
    Living Room
    Children's Rooms
    Homeschool supplies 

After the PURGE, we will organize. (PLAN) The less we have to organize, the easier this will be.

Now I have a little confession. I tend to get a little distracted when I begin to purge. I tend to lose focus and want to jump ahead to the organizational part of this task. I begin re-decorating the room in my mind. To prevent that, I have a worksheet. Write down all your ideas for the room along with a shopping list of items you would like to add to your room. 

Go HERE for the Beautifully Organized Worksheet. Or HERE to open in Google. Print one for each room.

List all those things about the room that have been left undone and your plan to complete them once the room is purged.

I am purging with paper grocery bags. (you'll need more than three)


Boring, but FREE!

There may be some items you want to sell. Go HERE for some great tips from Woman's Way.

Place these items in a large box in the garage or laundry room. They will only make your home feel cluttered until you can get to them. We'll talk a little more about this after we purge.

For items that do not belong in the room, I am placing in a laundry basket. I will take the laundry basket with me to each room. By the time I make the complete purge of the house, that laundry basket should be empty. 

If you need a cheerleader post a comment or share a picture. 


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