Why I Didn't Say Anything About That Movie

I'm not even going to mention the name of the movie. There has been enough publicity for it the month of February that I'm sure you have heard about it. I remember when the book came out a few years ago. I read a little about it somewhere & erased it from my mind. Junk in the mind, puts junk in the heart, which then ends up in your thoughts & eventually comes out in your actions. 

When the movie came out I saw post after post on facebook warning of what the movie was truly about. I think everyone had good intentions, but I didn't participate in this because I didn't want to be free advertisement or publicity for the movie. I didn't read any of the articles & I didn't want to know the details of the movie because I didn't want all those images in my mind. 

Last Sunday I was trying to read and I overheard my husband & son talking about it. They were both disgusted in what they had heard on radio talk shows. I told them that I didn't want to hear, but they continued. They began to share their concern of what the movie was about. My son began to give statistics of the amount of money this movie is making. I began to feel sick.

I do not want to know any more of the details of the movie. This is nothing new, sex is just not enough for some. This is because they aren't doing it right. Yes, I really did just say that. They do not know what they are doing, probably because they are not in a real intimate relationship. They need something different because they aren't enough for each other. Men, if your wife is going to see this movie, don't take it as a complement, it means you are lacking. I recommend reconnecting with her emotionally. 

For those that are posting on facebook & other media, people know what they are going to see. I don't think anyone would accidently end up in that movie without seeing the promotional picture. Media knew that giving it a rating of PG-13 would bring them great publicity, & of course it was rated R.

This is all about the heart & what the heart truly craves. Oh, I pray that our boys know to love their wives & look at them as beautiful gifts from God that are to be loved and cherished. 


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