You Better Shop Around

Shopping from home makes life a little easier. We can order pretty much anything & have it delivered to our homes. I must admit, I get a little giddy when the UPS man pulls into the driveway. With my busy life I sometimes forget what I have ordered. It's like Christmas. :)

Before ordering ANYTHING online search key words in at least five stores. Many stores are selling the same items, but for a whole lot more.

I am a Amazon Prime member, but being a prime member doesn't mean that you are getting the best price.

Amazon sells this for $23.38. Now sure, I know this includes packing & shipping. But I just ordered the same basket from Walmart for $7.47. Free shipping over $50 or store pick up. I bought three for the price of one. 

Now get back to your PURGING.20.DAYS.UNTIL.SPRING.
I will continue PLANNING.

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