Needlepoint for Beginners - Backstitch Bunny (30 min. Project)

When we lived in England I became very fascinated with the art of needlepoint. Jane Austen knows all about stitchery and needlepoint. I would have loved to have lived in the days of sitting and creating needlepoint all day long. No wonder they had to wear corsets. 

Cross-stitching was huge in the 80's. My craft closet was filled with my collection of patterns and thread. Needlepoint on linen is more difficult to stitch, but it is worth it. I cross-stitched many patterns and made a few patterns of my own. 

Needlepoint & cross-stitch make great gifts. They are more personal & they say - I made this just for you. Now we use embroidery machines, those gifts say - I paid five bucks to have your name stitched on it. Times change. That's just the way it is.

I was cross-stitching so much in England that I took a framing class from a local in the little village where we lived. He showed me how to cut & stabilize the frame, cut and insert the glass. I returned home with framed British prints & all my works of art framed and ready to hang. 

Since then I have had four children. I really don't have the time to sit & cross-stitch anymore. I still love the idea of creating with thread and fabric. This idea came to me last spring. 

I simply drew a bunny on cardstock paper, cut it out and traced it on to the back of my fabric. I backstitched the outline of the bunny & added a puffy tail. 

HERE is my bunny pattern that you can print, cut & trace.

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