Organizing the Craft Room ~ Almost FREE ~ Reuse

My craft room is decorated in black & white. These are easy colors to decorate with since almost any color looks good with them. This little room is also the laundry room that stores cleaning supplies and my stock pile of groceries.

I painted an old bookshelf black and I am using it to store my craft supplies. I was having a difficult time keeping it organized. So many small items needed a home.

I love Swiffer Sweepers! I have reused these containers for years. These containers are the perfect size for storing paint brushes, scissors, glue, paper clips, office supplies, labels & whatever else you need to keep organized. They come in all different sizes. 

Remove wrapper & spray paint. 

 I used black Krylon ColorMaster semi-gloss spray paint. 

A matte finish would look good too. This can was already in my paint stash.

I found these at Joann's. LOVE!!!
They were 50% off, plus 25% off my entire purchase. (reg. $7.99, paid $3.00) They were super easy to attach. 

***If you are a Homeschool Educator you can sign up for the Teacher's discount of 15% off all of your purchases at Joann's. Sign up in store or online HERE.

Keep the lids for stackable storage. 
I have six more numbers, so I am going to have to make six more. :)

More storage! Empty coffee canisters decorated with tissue tape. I like to be able to see the tops of my craft pens when I am working. This is the perfect size for all of my pens.
These were SO much fun to make!

Found the tissue tape at Joann's. Go HERE to check it out. (reg. $9.99, paid $4.75)
 I have plenty left over for another project.

And the ever so popular MASON JAR had to be included. I spray painted the lid black. Perfect for storing my old buttons.

Save money by using what you already have. You just need to pretty it up a little.

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