I am a girl who has traveled the world, made many friends, learned from many people, learned all about life, yet sometimes life can be all jumbled up in my brain.
I would love for my little world to be perfect, but it is not.

Perfection is not to be obtained on this earth and I have discovered that this just might be a blessing. Sometimes you just have to let yourself off the hook.

Years ago I had a neighbor who had some struggles with every day life. We shared a lot with each other and we grew to love each other very much. I had three children at the time & I seemed to have everything in “order”. My days were filled with the usual cooking, cleaning, home-educating, disciplining & plenty of time for loving on my children.
During her struggles she began to search for the answers to accomplish her everyday life. She heard about an individual (name will not be mentioned) that gave great advice for the everyday tasks of life. I took the time to listen to her suggestions and we signed up for the daily email reminder and the life-changing plan.
Now if you know who I am talking about and this has worked for you, congratulations. This plan, however, was not my cup of tea. The constant emails telling me what I needed to do each day was like living with my mother again. (sorry Mom) I found it to be somewhat degrading and silly.
There was a challenge to “put out fires” in different areas of your home. My home was a continual INFERNO most days because we actually lived in our home. I am all for setting daily goals, but for me they needed to be my very own.
If you haven’t figured out how to get things accomplished in the everyday walk of life I would challenge you to find what works for you. Skip all the self help books, don’t do what your friends are doing & hey, don’t even listen to me. Your home is not going to be perfect all the time. I have put way too much emphasis on my home that I have missed out on blessing others because I always feel like my home has to be perfect for it to be viewed or visited.

I plan to change my views in 2016. There are many unfinished projects in my home and I am determined to complete them this year. I have already begun. The funny thing is I have discovered that I get so much accomplished if I am wearing my HOT PINK PANTS. 
I challenge you to find your own inspiration to being a better wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend. It could be a simple checklist, a fun hat, an agreement with a friend each morning with an encouraging - YOU CAN DO IT text! Figure out what works for you to find your motivation. 
I would recommend a pair of HOT PINK PANTS. :)

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