Miss Rumphius is Coming!

Literature studies are a great way to build a child's vocabulary. There is always something else to discover beyond the story line in any book when you read to your child. 

I call it "thinking outside the book". 

This is a sample of the first lesson. 
Miss Rumphius.

You will be able to purchase the lessons and everything that you need for each lesson online in the fall of 2016.
Classes will be offered in the Chattanooga area beginning August of 2016.

Middle right: my two oldest boys who are now in college. 

Teaching the class

Children are chosen to become a word that is found in the story. When they hear their word, they hold the word up & this helps each child be reminded of the new vocabulary word. 

Science was incorporated in this study. 

For Miss. Rumphius we studied the parts of the plant. 
Children were given a fake flower and were able to place their fingers on the different parts of the flower while viewing the flower diagram in the lesson.

We must have a little FUN too. 

We painted Lupines of blue and purple.

Then of course we had to do something to make the world more beautiful!

We planted Lupine seeds in a small flower pot to take home. 

For more information, please email me at hsmlong@gmail.com

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