Simple Menu Planning

It's that time of the year again! Time to spring clean and attempt to get life back in order. I love to get everything organized before the school year is over so I can sit by the pool or just simply enjoy some down time at home during the summer. 

The application of cooking has almost become obsolete around here lately. This is due to a combination of disorganization and the lack of desire to cook. 

I need to do this again, so I thought I would share it with you. 

Organize Your Recipes

You will need (click on each item)
1. Stickies
5. Cardstock or printing paper

What to do
1. Go through ALL of your cookbooks & mark with stickies the recipes that you already prepare & plan to prepare.
2. Cut out or scan all the recipes to your computer. After making sure they are loaded on to your computer you can donate your cookbooks or share them with your friends. No need to keep them, they just take up space.
3. Print & cut each recipe to fit into the clear sheet-protector. These are wonderful to use because they can be easily wiped off if food gets on them while cooking.
4. Make a weekly menu for at least four weeks. Use the divider to separate each week when placing them in your binder.

Keep your binder in the kitchen where everyone can see it. When you get home late & your family says that they didn't know what to do for dinner, remind them of this handy dandy notebook. :)

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